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Passion or Package, its all an Opportunity

I still question at times the validity of "passion transfer", thats the notion that you can take one persons passion around an idea and transfer it to another.  When they first told me that tech transfer before coming to Ohio State, being a person passion myself around ideas, the notion of transferring this gist of what you really love to someone else seems really hard to me.

How do i transfer, the hand off, the baton pass, something like GifSpinner to someone else?  I mean how do they GET what I get.  How do they see what I see?  But they all tell me "oh its easy...".

2 years later and what have I seen? 

So I've seen it occur but only with folks who share the passion of the idea, and get it regardless of its current bankable state.  This can be both from the idea likeness or the I get the bang for buckness.  This is the fine print in transferring ideas i figure.  The people taking the baton have to see the big picture, they have to weigh the risk and take it on either from a true get the passion stance or from a tactical profitability stance.   One reoccuring theme in biz leads is this notion of undeniable leverage, reducing risk to a point of nada'ness. Leverage that I think does and does not often exist. 

Its as if we're talking to Nikola Tesla and we're grilling him on how this whole electricity thing makes a buck today, now, right here.  Now i know biz people will poo poo me and say, hey this is right, we need to get paid to keep swinging.  But at the same time I'm like dude, its Tesla, wtf people, believe already!! 

I think when we start our own things we're not nearly as critical of ourselves vs taking ideas on from others.  We somehow can apply the delusion field of belief easier on our own ideas, where as ideas from science, patents and all, while not ours are subject to rigorous scrutiny, justified, not really, just that we can.

Package Transfer

So with some thought and observation the patterns of what's to do next emerge.  Its not passion transfer, its package transfer.  Tech Transfer needs to package the IP.  I've been thinking and doing this for the past year now, I'm always thinking "package".  The IP, the trajectory of the IP, the connective tissue of the IP, the biz models applicable to the IP, the players in the space around the IP both from vesting, competition, and caliber of needs, the marketing, all need to be there.  We need to look the part, before the part arrives. 

But its still trying times, you hunt and peck for a suitor that can take the package, understand the passion and see the beacon in the fog of building a business.  Some folks get it, others don't, but the package never hurts to have.

I often grow weary of connecting the dots for folks.  I continually try and re-orientate myself to see it from as many angles as possible to keep building the package in the right most complete light.  I probably over think the crap out of it and there's always more to do, and speed speed speed is what closes the gap between conversations. 

Part of my problem is that I often see it.  I want to run that biz, i can see chasm to cross, the customers to have, the way it rolls out.  Seeing that path is all I can do typically, others have to walk it, and I have to make sure that those suitors get every drop of help they need to make it. 

I thrive on building and seeing what things could be and where they can go but at the same time I see folks giving far more graces to their own ideas, half baked, less footing, less real advantages than the ideas i can find thru tech transfer and thats the hurdle with passion or package transfer.  You didn't realize it, someone else did, and now your role is to sell it. 

In reality, i guess in some ways, i deal in opportunities.  My techs are notable opportunities that are here to be claimed, they have trajectory, size of market, substantial meatyness, competitive edging etc, but in the end, they are merely a window of opportunity which still denotes risk.  Risk is what makes the opportunity worthwhile, but can you close the gap?  De-risking often erodes the opportunity i think, though most would likely not recognize that.